Outstanding training for competitive results.  This guy can bring the best out of your dogs.  Outstanding results! World class sheoherds for sale as well.








Breeders we support:

The highest quality working and show cane corsos.  This breeder is loves helping you with every step of the way and is always available to help you with your new pupy.

 Excellent temperaments and some of the healthiest bordeauxs you will cross paths with. Although parents are not used in personal protection offspring have show excellent working ability.

 Working dogs all the way.  She breeds highest quality mastiffs and bandoggs available in the industry.  Can’t wait to get this highly anticipated litter on the ground between Boss and Bintu




Great Dogfood:

Evo  foods contain ingredients and nutrient levels which most closely resemble the ancestral diet of dogs.

This is a great ecomomical dog food.   It comes as either a complete or as a mix for a raw food diet.

 A grain-free diet. Unique Animal Protein Sources; No Corn, No Soy, No By-Products; Fruits & Vegetables; Natural Antioxidants


Great place to find all sorts of homeless dogs!

Great place to find a wonderful gaint companion.

Wonderful place to find homeless cane corsos.


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